The Collective Promise

We Put Your Skin Health First

Our products are formulated and tested by sensitive skin folks. We select gentle, biocompatible ingredients that are primarily plant-based.

This allows the skin to return to its natural, optimum health.

And because every skin is unique, we strive to be transparent with our ingredients so you can know what you put on your skin.

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Beauty From The Inside Out

Beauty transcends the surface of the skin.

We advocate contagious positivity, humour and kindness. We spark dialogue that inspires, educates and empowers.

All to create a deeper appreciation of the self.

We Go Beyond Beauty

We create. We consume. We give back.

Our vision stretches beyond skincare towards strategizing how we can close the loop on today’s fast-paced consumption driven shopping habits.

From ideation to production and finally consumption, we are mindful of how we can minimize our impact on the environment, while creating maximum value for our customers and partners.

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