My skin in my 30's

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Time flies as the saying goes. One moment I was in my 20’s the next I am already in my mid 30’s. Most women would wish to be back in their 20’s but I found that I am enjoying my mid 30’s more than any other time in my life. My skin has miraculously retained its youthfulness which I credit to four things:

1. Eating well

I was lucky as I have parents who have always been health conscious even from when I was a toddler. With my dad being Italian, olive oil was a must in our household long before olive oil became famous as THE Oil for health. We were eating that oil day and night in all types of cooking. Another oil we were forced to consume was Scotts fish oil (Yuck!) but it had its merits in helping me retain my health. I try to consume as many vegetables and fruits as possible and I rarely skip my meals unless I am that busy but I believe having my three square meals is important to keeping my health tip top.

2. Exercise

I exercise as regularly as I can. I have always been a fitness enthusiast since I was young. Being fit and active helps to boost my mood which leads to a more youthful appearance. I recently took up yoga seriously and it has helped to improve my overall health. When you feel good you look good as the boost of happy endorphin's will give you a natural glow. So, get moving ladies!

3. Hardly wearing make up

Now, this might not gel well with a lot of people but I found that as I got older, the less makeup you wear the less problems you would have with your skin. I do wear make up on occasion but in this day and age I just cannot find the enjoyment of slathering on 3 to 4 layers of make-up just so I can look natural. Natural should stay natural!  I abide by the philosophy that makeup should enhance the natural beauty of your skin not change the way you look. But hey, if you love makeup then go for it, every woman has the right to her own enjoyment with beauty products and skincare.

4. The right skincare

I used to be obsessed with getting pore-less perfect skin but that changed as I got older. I started learning about organic skincare in my teens but only started to use only organic skincare from my late 20’s. I tried all types of brands, from Estee Lauder, Kiehls, L'oreal, L'occitane from really expensive to the cheapest. Any time someone with great skin told me what she used I would try my very best to get the same product. Problem was, nothing ever satisfied my skin needs. I eventually found that making my own products was the way to go. I know exactly what’s in it and I can customize according to my actual needs. This has also led to the birth of ‘speak’.

In short, the reasons above are some of the main reasons that has helped me in my skin journey. However, that being said self love and self confidence also plays an important role in bringing out the best in my skin. I am less conscious about how my skin looks and I am learning to love myself, warts and all. Peace out!

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